Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Top 50 Albums of 2008

Bon Iver’s “For Emma Forever Ago” was technically released independently last year but with the insurgence of classic albums from 2007, it fell through my ear crack’s. Luckily for me Justin Vernon’s project received a full-blown major label release this year and turned his small little album written into the Wisconsin woodland into a much-hyped modern folk classic. To me, this year, this album went far beyond the call of duty, it was more like a best friend. It was intimate when intimacy was called for, stirring when things went mundane and comforting when all else failed. It might just be testament to how many good album were made last year that one spilled over to the top spot this year but maybe it just proves that old proverb the music finds you at the right time. In 2008 Bon Iver found me at the right time.

1. For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver
2. Skeletal Lamping by Of Montreal
3. Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes
4. Dear Science, by TV On The Radio
5. Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend
6. You & Me by The Walkmen
7. In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy
8. The Airing Of Grievances by Titus Andronicus
9. Stay Positive by The Hold Steady
10. Microcastle by Deerhunter
11. Saturdays = Youth by M83
12. Visiter by The Dodos
13. Little Joy by Little Joy
14. Devotion by Beach House
15. Nouns by No Age
16. In Ear Park by Department Of Eagles
17. Workout Holiday by White Denim
18. 808's And Heartbreaks by Kanye West
19. Fate by Dr. Dog
20. Volume One by She & Him
21. Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust by Sigur Rós
22. The Rhumb Line by Ra Ra Riot
23. Hercules and Love Affair by Hercules and Love Affair
24. Made in the Dark by Hot Chip
25. Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne
26. Santogold by Santogold
27. Youth Novels by Lykke Li
28. Furr by Blitzen Trapper
29. At Mount Zoomer by Wolf Parade
30. Conor Oberst by Conor Oberst
31. Jim by Jamie Lidell
32. Cardinology by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
33. The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow
34. Songs In A & E by Spiritualized
35. Vivian Girls by Vivian Girls
36. Silent Movie by Quiet Village
37. Rook by Shearwater
38. The Stand Ins by Okkervil River
39. Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles
40. The Devil, You + Me by The Notwist
41. Los Angeles by Flying Lotus
42. Brighter Than Creation's by Dark Drive-By Truckers
43. OH (ohio) by Lambchop
44. Red Yellow And Blue by Born Ruffians
45. Alopecia by Why?
46. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed by Los Campesinos!
47. The Midnight Organ Fight by Frightened Rabbit
48. Carried To Dust by Calexico
49. Shine by Estelle
50. Modern by Guilt Beck

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The 100 Best Songs Of 2008

(more links to be added...)

"Gobbledigook" by Sigur Rós*
Maybe it was the surprise of hearing a new sound from a band whose MO we’ve grown so accustomed to. Maybe it was the beautiful hedonistic
music video that promised a perfectly released naked utopia. Maybe it’s the nonsensical lyrics that in a year of the highest hopes and lowest uncertainties can be sung with out any emotional baggage. Whatever the reason Goggledigook was my favorite song of the year and for the same reason the song doesn’t make any sense it makes perfect sense for all those maybes and more.

2.White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes.
Our grandchildren will still love this song as much as we do.

Ready for the Floor by Hot Chip.
Furr by Blitzen Trapper*
5. M79 by Vampire Weekend
Collapsing at Your Doorstep by Air France**
Lost Coastline by Okkervil River**
Time To Pretend by MGMT.
9.Constructive Summer by The Hold Steady*
10. Blind by Hercules and Love Affair
11. In the Night by Basia Bulat.
12. Everything is Borrowed by The Streets**
13. Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot*
14. Eraser by No Age
15. That’s Not My Name by the Ting Tings.
16. Palmitos Park by El Guincho.
17. Sitting by White Denim
18. Buriedfed by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson 
19. Hearts On Fire by Cut Copy
20. L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold
21. Gallery Piece by Of Montreal*
22. Another Day by Jamie Lidell
23. Time Outside The Womb by Titus Andronicus
24. "No One Does It Like You" by Department Of Eagles
25. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? by She & Him
26. The Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer by Dr. Dog
27. Divine by Sébastien Tellier
28. Said So What by French Kicks
29. South of France by Harlem
30. Paranoid (Ft. Mr. Hudson) by Kanye West
31. Another World by Antony & The Johnsons
32. Graveyard Girl by M83
33. Soul On Fire by Spiritualized
34. On The Death Of The Waters by Shearwater
35. No One's Better Sake by Little Joy
36. Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon**
37. Gamma Ray by Beck**
38. Dancing Choose by TV On The Radio
39. Strange Times by The Black Keys
40. The Richest Kids by This Is Ivy League
41. D.A.R.L.I.N.G by Beach House
42. Overtones by David Byrne and Brian Eno
43. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
44. Cheap and Cheerful by The Kills
45. Mr. Carter (Feat. .Jay-Z) by Lil Wayne
46. Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket
47. Cobwebs by Cardinology Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
48. Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health) by Crystal Castles
49. American Boy (Ft. Kanye West) by Estelle
50. Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping by Grouper
51. Grounds For Divorce by Elbow
52. Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event
53. Un Día by Juana Molina
54. 5 Years Time by Noah & The Whale
55. Something Is Not Right With Me by Cold War Kids
56. Oh, Mojave by The Ruby Suns
57. Mercy by Duffy
58. Everyone Nose by N.E.R.D
59. Transformer by Marnie Stern
60. Right and Wrong byThe Muslims
61. Always Wanting More by Jay Reatard
62. O New England by The Decemberists
63. What Up Man by The Cool Kids
64. Foam Hands by Destroyer
65. You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
66. St. Petersburg by Brazilian Girls
67. Creeper by Islands
68. Gloomy Planets by The Notwist
69. Black and Gold by Sam Sparro
70. Becky by Be Your Own Pet
71. Your English Is Good by Tokyo Police Club
72. Big Ideas by LCD Soundsystem
73. Tear Down the House by The Avett Brothers
74. Troublemaker by Weezer
75. The '59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem
76. Easy Does It by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
77. Mirando by Ratatat
78. Two Silver Trees by Calexico
79. Cape Canaveral by Conor Oberst Conor Oberst
80. Drop-out by Times New Viking
81. Call It A Ritual by Wolf Parade
82. Carpetbaggers by Jenny Lewis
83. Jigsaw by Mates of State
84. The Twist by Frightened Rabbit
85. Majesty by The Music Tapes
86. Water Curses by Animal Collective
87. California Girls by The Magnetic Fields
88. Salute Your Solution by The Raconteurs
89. Going On by Gnarls Barkley
90. Who's In Your Dreams by Strawberry Whiplash
91. History by Jay-Z
92. The Butcher by Final Fantasy
93. You Me and the Bourgeoisie by The Submarines
94. In The Heat Of The Morning by The Last Shadow Puppets
95. Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats by Los Campesinos!
96. Young Love (feat Laura Marling) by Mystery Jets
97. Beat Control by Tilly & The Wall
98. The Hollows by Why?
99. Wishing Well by Love Is All
100. The Rip by Portishead

* Downloadable song just right click and save
** Follow to article and downloand

Monday, December 22, 2008

Best Of '08 Part One

What can I say, I’m a stifler. So when it comes to make my “best of” lists, I give myself rules. For my top albums lists: no soundtracks, remix collections, singles collections, live albums, best ofs or Eps. Now those limitations unfairly alienate some of the best collections of music this year had to offer. 

So for my first list of the year, I present you the top best non album releases of 2008:

1. Feed The Animals by Girl Talk*
2. 'The Very Best' Mixtape by The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit)*
3. The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines by King Khan and The Shrines
4. Another World EP by Antony & The Johnsons
5. Sun Giant by Fleet Foxes
6. (Tie) Matador Singles 06-07 & ’08 by Jay Reatard
7. The BBC Sessions by Belle And Sebastian
8. 03/07 - 09/07 by High Places
9. The Second Gleam by The Avett Brothers
10. Always The Bridesmaid: A Singles Series by The Decemberists

*free** album downloads!
**you can pay for the Girl Talk album if you'd like.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Real Bruins

I don't know what crazier, this video being fake and amazing or real and unbelievable. Either way it makes life worth living.
Don't worry about the bears, they're playing hockey!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

These Videos Have Been Approved By Me.

I didn't want to like these videos but their just so spot on you gotta see em. 

The Wes Anderson one is my fav.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back Words

Halloween party week is upon us and if you're looking for an original topical costume that doesn't have the name Joe in it, look no further then Ashley Todd, the crazy girl who made up a story that a black dude attacked her because she had a McCain bumper sticker and then the guy carved a "B" for Barack in her face. It's too bad Ashley didn't know that when you write some while looking in a mirror it's backwards. This is  an easy cheap costume and will give a great excuse to act nuts all night long. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Weather Report

Sadly we have to to wait till January 20th (or the enevitible December leak) for the new Animal Collective album, "Merriweather Post Pavilion". However, I have an album preview that will make you believe you actually have heard the whole album.

First you need to dissect the cryptic track list...
01 "In The Flowers"
02 "My Girls"
03 "Also Frightened"
04 "Summertime Clothes"
05 "Daily Routine"
06 "Bluish"
07 "Guys Eyes"
08 "Taste"
09 "Lion In A Coma"
10 "No More Runnin"
11 "Brother Sport"

Then try on these live videos of new songs:

And finally just stare at the album's tripy art and listen to Person Pitch backwards over and over again.

What does this all equal? Best album of 2009. Now we just have 2008 to worry about...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monkey Trouble

I know things arn't too great right now but I'm pretty sure I found a solution to all the world's problems: These pictures!

The Monkey raised the tigers! (and the economy)

Monday, October 6, 2008


SNL had more good sketches then normal this past saturday. Everyone's watching Fey as Palin again but for me it's all about Samberg as Walberg. 

Show this to your Mother for me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Don't Watch This Video.

No, seriously, don't watch it. Stop. Ok. Watch it. 

Ok Leo I'll vote. If you say so. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

Under The Covers

I love when a current band covers a current song. It's so 1960's. Here's two big acts covering the big indie band of the year. Katy Perry and The Kooks get their hands on some MGMT and bring their acustic guitars along. It's fun.

As far as getting super indie cred covering, The Ruby Suns get the coup for their spot on english transition of El Guincho's island anthem Palmitos Park. The best covers don't copy the original they indulge in it. The Ruby Suns gave El Guincho a big hug and we reap the benefits.

"Palmitos Park" by The Ruby Suns

Bonus crazy music video link: Follow this link to see a video for Flying Lotus's song Parisian Goldfish. Um, yeah...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Dub-Ya Dare You

Those who know me know that I once had my own George W. movie project in the works. Sadly it didn't work out and that's why I hate to painstakenly admit that Oliver Stone's "W" actually looks really good. It seems like the right amount of absurdity, history and inspired casting. With the spot on promotion, this is for sure turning into a must see.

Is the use of "Talking Heads" a subliminal message you ask. Is the film directed by Oliver Stone?

The Best Song Of All Time, Today

Today's best song ever made comes from our old friend Mike Skinner AKA The Streets. It's the opening and title track of his latest (I had no idea it would be as good  as it is) album "Everything is Borrowed". The loop Skinner drops in this jam puts American hip-hopers to shame. The song does an amazing tight rope walk between corny and profound never pushing it's self over the edge. Let it go to your head. If you're in a bad mood listen to this song, you'll feel better. If you're in a good mood, listen to this song and get in a better one. 

A Thousand Words...

Wow, tons of new albums to catch you guys up on. In the mix we have a break out best of the year contender (hint: starts with TV, ends with Radio) as well as new albums from some of our favorite artists. Enjoy the tracks.

"Acid Tongue" by Jenny Lewis

"Loyalty to Loyalty" by Cold War Kids

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oscar Watch: Part 2

Sam Mendes returns to suburbia and gets Leo and Kate back together. This time around their relationship looks like it doesn't go as, er, swimmingly, but that won't stop oscar from crashing into this dramatic heavy weight. Some films have too much talent to ignore. This is one of them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Some On The Side

My problem with side project is that it takes away from what the main band could be doing. Like shouldn't Jenny Lewis be saving her good songs for Rilo Kiley instead of hoarding them for her own albums? Or Peter Moren releasing a solo album and then we hear that Peter, Bjorn, and John's new album is mostly instrumental. Peter took all the lyrics for himself! Stop him! 

That being said sometimes it's nice to hear what band members can do with other people. Here are a couple recent side projects of note:

First up is Little Joy which features another Strokes member going out on his own. Fab Moretii has joined forces with Rodrigo Amarante and Binki Shapiro(?) to form a pseudo west coast Strokes. Props to Albert for breaking the ice but Fab has taken things a little things further by keeping the blue print of his day job and taking it on a tour around the world. This is garage rock if you have a garage in the Caribbean.

Next is a side, side project for Mr. Jack White. Billed as an Alicia Keys song, this is all White. As I mentioned earlier these two soulful singers have teamed up for the new Bond theme song. The first thing they did right was not have the song be called “Quantum of Solace” because frankly, it would have sucked. Second thing done right is Alicia singing like Jack instead of the other way around. The two make a dynamic pair, Meg should be concerned. To say this an just upgrade from Casino Royale’s terrible Chris Cornell song would be like saying the Tampa Bay Rays are just a little bit better then they were last year.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Double O Heaven

This looks like one of the good ones. 

When he jumps with that guy through the window? Awesome.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out, Tombrady

I haven't made any sports posts yet even though along with music and movies it's one of the three things I like the most. I'm writing today with a broken heart. My hero Tom Brady will not be QB1 for the Patriots this year. It's a huge bummer. There was however one cool thing that came out of the worst thing ever happening. 

See if you can follow this, it might blow your mind. So Tom goes down in the first quarter and back up QB Matt Cassell enters the game. The green quarterback plays just good enough to give the Pat's there 20th consecutive regular season win. That's not the strange part. Get this: later that day in Houston, Matt's brother Jack, who was just called up to the Astro's, was called in the game to relieve starter Wandy Rodriguez in the first inning! So both Cassell brothers get there most professional playing time in the same day, in the same seniro. Now, albeit, Matt's situation had much bigger stakes, but it's still a cool thing to come out of the un coolest thing of all time. 

That's my little bit of lemonade for 9/7/08 (never forget).

Best or Worst?

Isn't odd how some things can be both the best and worst thing at the same time? I.E the new video from Natalie Portman's Shaved Head:

natalie portman's shaved head - sophisticated side ponytail from thatgo on Vimeo.

Is it so bad it's good or so good it's bad? 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oscar Watch: Part One

Too soon? Hardly, it's September and the summer movie season is over. It's to begin wheeling out the red carpet once again. Here is one of the sure fire critical favs of the year. "Milk" has it all, untold but very popular true story, gay rights, Gus Van Sant and a cast featuring some serious talent. Best picture of the year? Maybe. 

A Thosand Words..

Back with a couple reviews from a new and an upcoming album. In one corner new kids of the block Ra Ra Riot give us "The Rhumb Line". And in the other corner a leaked peek at Indie pop vets Of Montreal's latest "Skeletal Lamping".  I usually let the pictures speak for themselves but I wanted to make one note on the Of Montreal album, along with last year "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?", O.M. have put out the best 2 albums in 2 year combo in this decade (I don't count "Kid A"/ "Amnesiac" because they came from the same recording session) . It's very impressive that two unique and incredible albums could come from one band in such a short time. We are living in blessed times. 

"Skeletal Lamping" by Of Montreal

"The Rhumb Line" by Ra Ra Riot

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Collider has a glowing review for the Canne hit "Waltz with Bashir". You've got to see the trailer, the visuals are amazing. Once and a while a story comes along that we haven't heard yet. Waltz looks to be one of them.

Check out the trailer and review here.

Know Your Onion!

Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain

Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Summerend

Labor Day Weekend is here. It's time for a few days of barbeques, drinks, a day off of work and a bitter sweet toast to the end of summer. I live in LA, summer doesn't really end, but it is still fun to pretend it does. The perfect mix for a Labor Day party starts off with a bang and ends with a nostalgic whimper as we look back on the summer that was and look forward to the fall that will be. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Human Head Weighs 8 Pounds

Not much to say about this one other then it's a great sketch and great sketches are few and far between. So enjoy it while you can.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anything Radiohead Does, They Do Better

Radiohead covered Neil Young the other night at the Hollywood Bowl. Once that darn clapping stops it's a really nice listen. Good Young impression Yorke. 

Radiohead :: "Tell Me Why" (neil young cover) from gorilla vs. bear on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Wawkward

Hip indie rock bands and local news channels don't mix. Check out this enjoyablely awkward interview a local NY caster has with local NY rockers The Walkmen. And get their new fantastic album here.

Nice To Meet You

Sometimes you can like a band but then you see them all playing together in a video and you start to love them. The youth and enthusiasm Ra Ra Riot display in this live clip of "Oh La" will have you falling for them too. 
Aw shucks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

He Kissed a Girl

So John Edwards cheated on his wife when she was dying of cancer. Can't say I like the guy as much as I use to. What makes me the most mad is he thought he could run for president and that this would have never come out. What if he was the democratic candidate? He would have screwed his party! What a jerk.

I thank my friend Fred for making fun of him in the video parody.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Faker than a spray tan

Sunset Tan E!'s reality cannot possibly be real. Everything about this show is scripted from the supposed hiring and firing of the "Olly Girls" to the relationship between Ania and Nick. Who writes this stuff? This information is obviously not available on IMDB which must be in on the joke. I mean how much real-life drama could unfold at a tanning salon? If human beings we're really that dumb then they definitely wouldn't be capable of running a successful business. Americans can't believe that this is actually a reality show. There must be a catch here. Perhaps the whole purpose of the show is to market and sell Sunset Tan. Even the website makes no distinction between the salon and the show as if it is one and the same. Has television has gone to next level where there is no distinction between real life and consumerism. Forget product placement or commercials! I don't know if this is a brilliant marketing scheme or a disgusting commentary on American consumerist culture. Will other industries follow in suit? Is Starbucks next to have its own reality show? Regardless of their intentions, Sunset Tan, now in its second season, will not fade away after the first wash.

The Best Song Of All Time, Today

"Crawl" didn't really get me too excited for the new Kings Of Leon album. However, "Sex on Fire" sure does. It's a perfect mix of old messy southern rockin Kings combined with their new suped up big arena rock produced sound. Hopefully this is closer to the direction of the new LP. Get it while it's hot:

Wet Hot American, Bummer?

The bad news first, Stella is not ever coming back on Comedy Central. Too bad, the show was great. But the good news is that Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black are going to be back with a new series! So not that much of bummer, you just hope that they can reach the same level of brillence sanz David Wain who's busy with other things. Read the article below, their new show sounds odd, quirky and of course hilarious. Can't wait.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Best Song Of All Time, Today

My favorite song of the moment  is the first single off the previosly mentioned Okkervil River new album, "The Stand Ins".  From a band with an arsenall of deep, exciting, dramatic and unfrogetable songs this is definitely one of their most deepest, excitingest, dramaticest and unforgetablest. Try to dissect the lyrics when front man Will Sheff trades verses with recently relinquished band mate (now full time Shearwater front man) Jonathan Meiburg about the struggles of being, of all things, an american rock and roll band. La la la indeed.

A Thosand Words..

A good amount of noteworthy albums have been released and leaked in the past few weeks. What do I think of them you ask, well just read the pictures below.

"Conor Oberst" by Conor Oberst (out now)

"Donkey" by C.S.S. (out now)

"The Stand Ins" By Okkervil River (out 9/9)

"You & Me" by The Walkmen (out 8/13)

Who would you rather do?

Today's trailer off focuses on two highly adaptions. Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk are agrguably two of the most accomplished  and hippest modern authors. If there are rockstars in the literary world then these two are of  Mick and Keith caliber. Bret's adaptations so far have been fantastic (American Physcho), great (Rules of Attraction)*, and 80's (Less Than Zero). Pallahniuk's only film jaunt so far was a grand slam (Fight Club). So it will be interesting to see what film holds up to the sacred source material or which one chokes.

The Informers:


*Is it just me or does American Psycho get better with repeat viewing and Rules of Attraction get worse?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When it Wains, It Pours

This is the trailer for David Wain's new directorial effort. After doing too hillarious absurd films it looks like he's going for the big time with a big ol' studio comedy. I have no problem with this. It's not like he's selling out. But then there's the the whole Matchbox Twenty (20?) song in the trailer's third act (yes trailers have acts) and you start to worry, "is he selling out?But then again there's that great Ben Afflek joke in the end of it all. So I'm not gone worry about Wain the Brain. He knows what he's doing. He's a professional and pretty soon everyone will know that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wonder No Longer...

Did you ever stop and think about what might have happened to Kevin Arnold? Well it ain't pretty, but it is very funny...

Friday, August 1, 2008


Pitchfork inspired me to write reviews with just a simple picture. Its fun, clever and saves me the type time. I've decided to try it out with three new songs by three of my favorite artists. I was also nice enough to upload mp3s of each song for you to download, you lucky duck you. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here's Matt

If you haven't see this yet, you need to. It's simply a guy dancing around the world. But it's so much more powerful and signifgent then you could ever imagine.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Quantum of Oddness

File this under collaborations that should never work but will probably be awesome. Jack White and Alicia Keys are dueting it up for the next Bond Jam. The song "Another Way To Die" will be featured in the "Quantum of Solace" opening title sequence. It will either be great or a mess. No middle ground on this one.

Gnarls Yorke

This is good. I want this to be a single. Now please.

Can you mapquest me to Sesame Street?

For it's new 39th season (Sesame Street has seasons?) It looks like the street is trying to give the older kids watching something to snicker about. Take a look at some of the cute cleverness they've got going on:

Feist! NPH! Jack Black! Will Arnett and a very special 30 rock parody. With all that hipness Sesame Street is turning into Melrose Ave. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

While You Wait For The Others...

Grizzly Bear performed another new song last night on another late night show. A couple months ago they premiered they instant classic "While You Wait For The Others" on Conan. Last night "Two Weeks" was played on Dave. If these guys have a few more other songs as good as these two gems then we might have an album of the year on our hands. I can't wait for the others.

The video link is not working, you'll have to settle for an MP3:

King Khan and the Summer

How's your summer going? A little slow? Well, I have just what you need. "The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines" is latest release from said berlin garage pyshedliac soul rock band. Like "A Heartbreaking Work of Stagering Genius," their album title is an tongue in cheak as it is true.  This impressive collection of barn burners is enough to cool down or heat up any summer dulldrum day. Blast these songs from the beach, your car, and even your bathroom and its instant party (a port-a-party?). Your summer just got a lot better. Your weclome.

Download em': 
Welfare Bread


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Know Your Onion!

The Onion videos are the most consistently funny sketches online. They never dissapoint and always have some good profound mixed in with the funny. Their latest is no exception:

Domino's Scientists Test Limits Of What Humans Will Eat

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Something Is Right With Them

The true test of any great new band is to stare hype in the face and say, "yeah, it's true. We're that good, and we're going to prove it with awesome songs." Cold War Kids were one of the bigger "buzz bands" of ought six and have returned a couple years later to look hype in the eyes and prove themselves. Their new song off of the upcoming "Loyalty to Loyalty" LP is called "Something is Not Right With Me" and it makes good on their sound both advancing and enhancing. It's passionate good ol' fun. The buzz is back. 

Who would you rather do?

Decades went by without a Sherlock Holmes film and all of a sudden there's two hot Holmes projects that just got the green light. Both heavy weighst in their own right; In one corner Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) does the Holmes boy with Guy Ritchie helming. In the other corner, Sacha Baron Cohen (SBC) plays the sleuth and Will Ferrell is Watson, Judd Apatow produces. 

So tons of talent all around. Some of our favorite people are working on both these projects and we will eargely see both. However, I have a couple of suggestions for each film: Ritchie needs a Watson and he should look no further then Britans own Ricky Gervas, a guy capable of matching the comedic and dramatic chops of Downey and bringing the much needed Brit to the duo. As for Apatow's version, he needs a director. I know he has a capable crew of dudes to take the position, but he should try a new colab. How about Edgar Wright? Wouldn't that be great? Ferrell and SBC under the control of the current king of action/comedy? Maybe Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could show up too. Couldn't hurt...

Reguardless, a little profesional competion is fun because it makes people perform better. And when the best in the biz perfrom better, we win!

Friday, July 18, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

When I was young, my go to comedy was "The Muppets". Now older, wiser, I'm very into Woody Allen. What do you get when you combine both? Dreams, my friend, sweet dreams.

Who would you rather do?

Two trailers just hit the web and they have a lot in common. "Watchmen" is based on "the most acclaimed graffic novel of all time" and directed by "300" vet Zack Snyder. "300" was based on a graphic novel my Frank Miller who scribes and directs "The Spirit".  It looks like we have two artsy comic book movies to look forward to that don't start with Bat or end with Man. I think "Watchmen" has the edge here. Better source material, more accomplished director and it just plain looks incredible. "The Spirit" has some good things going for it (including ScarJo) but the effects look almost too good, like how the hell is all that going to make a cohesive story? Judge for yourself...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


The tongue-in-cheek seriousness of the following New York Times article about a young man being trapped inside a Brooklyn bar almost makes you think you're reading a piece by The Onion. But the fact that its real makes it even better. Read on.

The movie adaptation will star Michael Cera.

For Your Consideration

The Emmy nom bomb was just dropped. I liked the emmys, they make some smart choices, but there's crop seems very samey. Maybe, it's just that the great shows on TV have stayed consistently great. Maybe that's a good thing. I would have liked to see a bit more Pushing Daises Love but it didn't have a whole season so I'll cut them some slack. And yes, I know, I'll watch Mad Men and Dexter, soon, I promise. 

It Takes Two

I watched this trailer twice to try and figure out what this movie is actually about, no luck. But who cares? It stars Dicaprio and Crowe as zany corrupt guys fighting each other. I'm so there. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best. Self. Portrait. Ever.

I might be the last person in the world to see this guy, but in case you haven't either, It's a must view.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Commercial Appeal

So Converse got Pharell, Jullian Casablancas and Santogold together to do a good old fashion commercial jingle. However, you wouldn't know it from the song or the video below. The song is catchy to the point and after a few more listens I may upgrade it to "good". The video's praise doesn't need upgrading. It's inventive, clever and totally fun to watch. All good qualities for a music video slash shoe commercial. "Chuck" it out.

Santogold, Julian Casablancas, and N.E.R.D. Produced by Pharrell

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Modern Beck

Years ago a new Beck album would be like a holiday. In the time following "Odelay", any output that guy had was sacred and exciting. I felt like I HAD to get Beck albums. Like watching Tiger Woods in the masters you had to do it because it felt like an important moment in history. Something you could tell you kids about. A guy at the top of his game shaking up the system and kicking ass while doing it. Post "Sea Change", Beck has not put on a green jacket in sometime. To be honest, I've found myself bored with Beck. "Modern Guilt" is not a big shiney come back album but it is his most focused and sincere Album (with a capital 'A') since his tide's changed. Give some credit to Danger Mouse who insisted Beck start with all new material to make one specific piece of work. Give credit to Beck for challening what he once was and still may be, the Tiger Woods of Indie rock.

Also out today: ¿Cómo Te Llama? By Albert Hammond Jr. A little bit of Strokes for a Strokeless world. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am here to make friends...

This video is great. Someone put a lot of time into this and I personally believe it was worth it if only just for a time capsule piece to show our grand children what that whole "reality TV" thing was about. I'm not a fan of reality TV* and not just because I'm a writer and it puts us folk outta jobs, it's because it's all the same. Same jerks, same fights, same plots and even the same dialogue. It's all a bunch of Samey McSamesallots, and to me, that makes for some boring TVing. 

* Except for Top Chef, which kicks ass. 

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Indie-Dependence Day

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. A great time for good friends and good tunes. The key to a cool Independence Day party mix are to keep things light. Nothing too heavy here, just some fun jams. I also used all new songs but most of them are so soaked in nostalgia that you'll remember them from your childhood. So go celebrate America's birth in style and save me a hot dog. 

The 4th of July Mix: (Right click to down load each track)
1. "Constructive Summer" by The Hold Steady
2. "Welfare Bread" by King Khan and the Shrines
3. "Gamma Ray" by Beck
4. "Keep On Rolling" by Quiet Village
5. "Can't Stop Moving" by Sonny J
6. "Collapsing At Your Doorstep" by Air France
7. "Bruleé" by Ratatat
8. "Gobbledigook" by Sigur Rós
9. "Born To Be Your Man" by Birdmonster
10. "The Rabbit,The Bat,& The Reindeer" by Dr. Dog
11. "The Boss America" by Albert Hammond Jr.
12. "Drop-Out" by Times New Viking
13. "The '59 Sound" by The Gaslight Anthem
14. "Easy Does It" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy

July Fools

This video is great. It actually has the ability to test your smarts. Give it a shot. Am I dumb?


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Dark Knight, Best Movie of the Summer or All Time?

The buzz for this film is getting crazy. With all the hyperbole surrounding the Batman sequel Christopher Nolan must be constantly blushing. What I find most exciting is that all the hype could be valid. They've done everything right so far from the casting to the brilliant marketing campaign, so maybe the film is just as good. Check out the latest "viral" poster above. So good right? Maybe too good...

(via Collider)

Best Song Right Now

From the sound of their music you wouldn't guess Air France is from Sweden. Their homeland conjures up visions of snow caped mountains and endless winters. Yet somehow these guys get summer better then most. "Collapsing At Your Doorstep", off the recently released No Way Down Epbegins when you wake up hot and sweaty from sleep and ends when you're hot and sweaty from dance. In between we find ourselves brought to barbeques, oceans, and sunsets all viewed through the exuberant eyes of a child. Is it just a forgettable summer tune? No, better. 

"Collapsing At Your Doorstep" - Download