Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Modern Beck

Years ago a new Beck album would be like a holiday. In the time following "Odelay", any output that guy had was sacred and exciting. I felt like I HAD to get Beck albums. Like watching Tiger Woods in the masters you had to do it because it felt like an important moment in history. Something you could tell you kids about. A guy at the top of his game shaking up the system and kicking ass while doing it. Post "Sea Change", Beck has not put on a green jacket in sometime. To be honest, I've found myself bored with Beck. "Modern Guilt" is not a big shiney come back album but it is his most focused and sincere Album (with a capital 'A') since his tide's changed. Give some credit to Danger Mouse who insisted Beck start with all new material to make one specific piece of work. Give credit to Beck for challening what he once was and still may be, the Tiger Woods of Indie rock.

Also out today: ¿Cómo Te Llama? By Albert Hammond Jr. A little bit of Strokes for a Strokeless world. 

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