Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ra Ra Weekend

While the Vampire Weekend boys are hard at work on their sophomore effert, their producer/keyboardest is getting some on the side. Rostam Batmanglij along with fellow prep pop peer Ra Ra Riot lead Wes Miles have a little super duo together and are getting it on in a big way. Discovery, named after the influential Daft Punk album (I made that up) have no plans for an official LP as of yet, but here's hopin. Check out the snthy results:

Orange Shirt


Summer time is around the bend and of course you're wondering "what will the song of the summer be?" All signs point to Boston's own Passion Pitt being this years MGMT (if they already aren't) and all ears will love their latest single "Little Secret" off the upcoming LP Manners. I don't want to put my reputaton on the line but I have a strong feeling this song will be the Indie Cross Over Can't Get Enough Of Then Can't Stand Because It's Everywhere Hit Of Summer 09.

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