Monday, February 9, 2009

Swagger Like Them

Let's face it, the Grammy’s are irrelevant. There needs to be a new music awards show that holds the seem esteem as the Grammy’s but actually awards the best albums and songs of the year. The Oscars do well in incorporating the best of mainstream and indie fair, so why can't we have a music award show that does the same? I purpose a music show where the industry leading music critics are the ones who do the voting. They know what's up. Grammy’s are for Grammy’s.

However, there were some high lights from last night's show. First up the Four Best Rappers In The Game all got in stage with a super pregnant MIA and performed 2008's Swagger Like Us. I could never really get behind that song because with those dudes and an MIA sample it should have been the best song ever but it was just kind of OK. Now seeing everyone on stage I get it. This was a great moment is modern music.

And of course I can't forget about Radiohead's holy shit performance of 15 Steps. This was always my least favorite amazing song on their every-song-is-amazing-album In Rainbows. Well, Tom and the gang joined by a big backing band killed it and splashed egg all over my face. So good (so good).

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt

I've been in some Oscar debates recently regarding the merits of Brad Pitt's performance in Benjamin Button. I say he did some incredible work that not only showcased his talent but also showed how beneficial a symbiotic relationship with special effects can be. To others the technology discredits the performance he gave. I hope this interesting video shines some light on what it took for Brad to create the young/old Benjamin and maybe, just maybe you can give him some slack.

Though, I still want to see Mickey Rourke win.