Monday, February 9, 2009

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt

I've been in some Oscar debates recently regarding the merits of Brad Pitt's performance in Benjamin Button. I say he did some incredible work that not only showcased his talent but also showed how beneficial a symbiotic relationship with special effects can be. To others the technology discredits the performance he gave. I hope this interesting video shines some light on what it took for Brad to create the young/old Benjamin and maybe, just maybe you can give him some slack.

Though, I still want to see Mickey Rourke win.


Clair Bear said...

Rourke to win would be gifing him the fictory for playing himself!

BOOOO! Booo that man.

Granted, I didn't see it. But who wants to watch a meat sack for 2 hours? Not me!

melissa kay said...

...i didn't think that the technology discredited his performance by any means - but i didn't think his performance was that great.

i didn't see the difference in his maturity levels from old to young - in fact, i could barely tell that he was ( i believe he was?) born as an old man with the mind of child. that begs an entirely different question -- why was he not born with wisdom of an old man if he was born with the body of an old man? isn't that part of the experiment?

as beautiful as it was visually, i must say i will be sadly disappointed if the movie wins best picture (as i fear it will) and if his performance wins....

but that's just me.

nburnor said...