Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Come on, Catch up!

Hello there. Good to see you again. It's July and the year is half way over. It's the perfect time to sit town, take stock, and apreciate all the albums that have been relessed in 2008. Now, don't get too excited, there is still no frontrunner for AOTY (Album of the Year). It's a little discourageing considering last year at this time we were already blessed with "Boxer", "Person Pitch", "Sound Of Silver", "Neon Bible" and "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?" five albums that are superior then every album so far this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Music has been very nice to me in in O' 8. I'm just waiting for a masterpiece or two. Is that too much to ask? Anywho, here's what we've got so far:

Best of 07' in '08: 
"Vampire Weekend" by Vampire Weekend. Great album, get over it. 

"For Emma, Forever Ago" by Bon Iver. The perfect way to bring winter to LA.

Punk is not dead (It was just napping): 
"Nouns" by No Age. With this relesse, the Titus's album (below), as well as Times New Viking and The Gaslight Anthem, punk rock is back in my life (and better then ever).

"The Airing of Grievance" by Titus Andronicus. It's like, imagine if Conner Oberst had stayed in the Desperacidos and they decided to make an awesome album. 

And Folks all like "I'm Not Dead Either": 
"Visiter" by The Dodos. It's Annimal Collective you can take home to Mom. 

"Ragged Wood" by Fleet Foxes. The perfect way to bring Fall to LA.

Just Add Dancing: 
"In Ghost Colours" by Cut Copy. Sorry Hercules, but this is the best album to dance to in 2008.

"Hercules and The Love Affair" by Hercules and The Love Affair. But your album is pretty great too.

"Feed the Animals" by Girl Talk. RIP: The DJ, 1950 - 2008.

Obligatory Hip-Hop Albums:
"Tha Carter III" by Lil Wayne. How this quirky, odd and highly entertaining album sold over one million copies in it's first week is beyond me. Maybe the kids have better taste then I give them credit for. 

"The Bake Sale" by Cool Kids. The "Cool For White Indie Kids to Like" Hip-Hop album of the year.

Good to Hear you Again
"Stay Positive" by The Hold Steady. This album is disappointing in the same way Apocalypse Now was dissapointing. It's great, but not The Godfather II.

"Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust" by Sigur Ros. The most fun you'll ever have with a Sigur Ros album.

"Fate" by Dr. Dog. The album you always hoped they would make.

"Rook" by Shearwater. Moody, pretty, and haunting. Like your Ex-Girlfriend (who died).

"At Mount Zoomer" by Wolf Parade. After what seemed like an endless ammount of side projects from the members of this band it was hard to recall what they actully sounded like. After one listen to Mount Zoomer it'll be very hard to forget.

Some very good stuff up there, no? Yes. Still a lot to look forward to, icluding new stuff from Of Montreal, Conner Oberst (sans Bright Eyes moniker), The Walkmen, Kings Of Leon, and M. Ward. Though I have a feeling some band we've never heard of is going to come out of nowhere and make good on that masterpiece I'm waiting for. Come on guys, show me what you got. 


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