Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who would you rather do?

Decades went by without a Sherlock Holmes film and all of a sudden there's two hot Holmes projects that just got the green light. Both heavy weighst in their own right; In one corner Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) does the Holmes boy with Guy Ritchie helming. In the other corner, Sacha Baron Cohen (SBC) plays the sleuth and Will Ferrell is Watson, Judd Apatow produces. 

So tons of talent all around. Some of our favorite people are working on both these projects and we will eargely see both. However, I have a couple of suggestions for each film: Ritchie needs a Watson and he should look no further then Britans own Ricky Gervas, a guy capable of matching the comedic and dramatic chops of Downey and bringing the much needed Brit to the duo. As for Apatow's version, he needs a director. I know he has a capable crew of dudes to take the position, but he should try a new colab. How about Edgar Wright? Wouldn't that be great? Ferrell and SBC under the control of the current king of action/comedy? Maybe Simon Pegg and Nick Frost could show up too. Couldn't hurt...

Reguardless, a little profesional competion is fun because it makes people perform better. And when the best in the biz perfrom better, we win!

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