Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Some On The Side

My problem with side project is that it takes away from what the main band could be doing. Like shouldn't Jenny Lewis be saving her good songs for Rilo Kiley instead of hoarding them for her own albums? Or Peter Moren releasing a solo album and then we hear that Peter, Bjorn, and John's new album is mostly instrumental. Peter took all the lyrics for himself! Stop him! 

That being said sometimes it's nice to hear what band members can do with other people. Here are a couple recent side projects of note:

First up is Little Joy which features another Strokes member going out on his own. Fab Moretii has joined forces with Rodrigo Amarante and Binki Shapiro(?) to form a pseudo west coast Strokes. Props to Albert for breaking the ice but Fab has taken things a little things further by keeping the blue print of his day job and taking it on a tour around the world. This is garage rock if you have a garage in the Caribbean.

Next is a side, side project for Mr. Jack White. Billed as an Alicia Keys song, this is all White. As I mentioned earlier these two soulful singers have teamed up for the new Bond theme song. The first thing they did right was not have the song be called “Quantum of Solace” because frankly, it would have sucked. Second thing done right is Alicia singing like Jack instead of the other way around. The two make a dynamic pair, Meg should be concerned. To say this an just upgrade from Casino Royale’s terrible Chris Cornell song would be like saying the Tampa Bay Rays are just a little bit better then they were last year.

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