Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out, Tombrady

I haven't made any sports posts yet even though along with music and movies it's one of the three things I like the most. I'm writing today with a broken heart. My hero Tom Brady will not be QB1 for the Patriots this year. It's a huge bummer. There was however one cool thing that came out of the worst thing ever happening. 

See if you can follow this, it might blow your mind. So Tom goes down in the first quarter and back up QB Matt Cassell enters the game. The green quarterback plays just good enough to give the Pat's there 20th consecutive regular season win. That's not the strange part. Get this: later that day in Houston, Matt's brother Jack, who was just called up to the Astro's, was called in the game to relieve starter Wandy Rodriguez in the first inning! So both Cassell brothers get there most professional playing time in the same day, in the same seniro. Now, albeit, Matt's situation had much bigger stakes, but it's still a cool thing to come out of the un coolest thing of all time. 

That's my little bit of lemonade for 9/7/08 (never forget).

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