Thursday, August 14, 2008

Faker than a spray tan

Sunset Tan E!'s reality cannot possibly be real. Everything about this show is scripted from the supposed hiring and firing of the "Olly Girls" to the relationship between Ania and Nick. Who writes this stuff? This information is obviously not available on IMDB which must be in on the joke. I mean how much real-life drama could unfold at a tanning salon? If human beings we're really that dumb then they definitely wouldn't be capable of running a successful business. Americans can't believe that this is actually a reality show. There must be a catch here. Perhaps the whole purpose of the show is to market and sell Sunset Tan. Even the website makes no distinction between the salon and the show as if it is one and the same. Has television has gone to next level where there is no distinction between real life and consumerism. Forget product placement or commercials! I don't know if this is a brilliant marketing scheme or a disgusting commentary on American consumerist culture. Will other industries follow in suit? Is Starbucks next to have its own reality show? Regardless of their intentions, Sunset Tan, now in its second season, will not fade away after the first wash.


Nate LC said...

A Starbucks reality show isn't that bad of an idea...

Hilal Khalil said...

The future of marketing is now!

More Examples
Hot girls in bikinis are the ones that make clothes in this company. Sexplotation or explotation. I can't decide which is worse. At least they are getting good pay. (No asian girls were used or abused in the making of this film)

Let's travel with some models to sell clothes for Express.
Their tag line is: Reality TV just got realer!

I wonder where these people tan? Cross promotions anyone? You spray my back I spray yours.